The X-Cats: The cats who live at The X Lab™

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Name Stimpy
Breed Snowshoe
Sex Male
Born 29 April 1992
Named for Cartoon cat in the Ren & Stimpy show.
Joined us Gift from breeder friend at six weeks old.
Key traits Alpha male, super intelligent, loves to talk.
Favorite pursuits Taking care of Mr. Fish, his favorite toy. Carries it everywhere, feeds it, talks to it, brings it to you if he likes you. Plays fetch, "soccer." Eating Iam's Lamb & Rice. Taking care of his "harem" - Lydia and V. Likes to sleep under the covers with us in the winter.
Name Lydia
Breed Bombay
Sex Female
Born ~ December 1992
Named for Character "Lydia Dietz" in the movie Beetlejuice.
Joined us Adopted from Operation Kindness.
Key traits Very skittish, likes to hide and sun herself all day, sleeps with Mom and Dad at night. Member of "Stimpy's Harem."
Favorite pursuits Hiding. Sunbathing. Sitting like a person. Cleaning Dad's mustache. Will sometimes play fetch. Catnip junkie. Hunting crickets that get into the house: we find the back legs. Like Kenny, expert at begging for treats.
Name Kenny
Breed Cameo Red Maine Coon
Sex Male
Born ~ September 1997
Named for Character from the South Park cartoon show.
Joined us Rescue. Literally fell out of the engine compartment of a small pickup truck on the highway in front of us, resulting in a broken leg, serious cuts, but viable. We saved him. He's perfect now!.
Key traits Very bright, hyperactive. Oral fixation: licks everything - wood, plastic, appliances, glass, etc. Vet says he must like the texture. No ill effects from this strange behavior! Purrs constantly.
Favorite pursuits Cat Aerobics toy: will drag these toys over to you for play. Begging for treats. Bird watching. Trying to intimidate Tyler. Kenny is the "little enforcer."
Name Tyler Bear
Breed Red Maine Coon
Sex Male
Born ~ June 1998
Named for Character of "Tyler Durden" played by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club. Kenny's "alter ego" in our household. Originally Tyler, but extended to Tyler Bear as it fit his size and "cuddly bear" demeanor.
Joined us Rescue. Abandoned in our neighborhood.
Key traits Very sweet. Huge. Purrs constantly to the point of drooling. Generally likes strangers, such as visiting tradesmen.
Favorite pursuits Thief: loves to steal combs and brushes. Bird watching.

In Memorium

Our beloved cat V returned to God on 7 March 2005 after a valiant battle with liver cancer. Please read V's Story or visit her album.

Our beloved cat Koosh returned to God on 23 January 2007 after a courageous fight with chronic renal failure (CRF) due to old age. Koosh, a Blue Norwegian Forest Cat, was 17 years old.

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